Be A Hero for Babies Day – Los Angeles

Farmers Insurance agents are all heroes for babies! Yesterday me and my dad went back out to Los Angeles to spend the day at the Farmers Insurance headquarters for their 6th annual Be A Hero for Babies day. It was SO much fun! There was a big room full of people answering phones from all over the country, with other people from Farmers telling us how much money they were going to raise for the March of Dimes. I got to talk to the people in the room and give them cookies, and I got some candy from them. All of those people were so nice, they were fun to talk to. My Dad and I also got to talk to Mr. Bob Woudstra who is the CEO of Farmers Insurance. I saw him last Friday at another Farmers Insurance sponsored event called Healthy Babies, Healthy Futures so it was fun to see him again so soon. I also got to see Ms. Faye McClure again, she is so nice! After we were done meeting the people who were answering all the phones we got to go outside and play carnival games! I won so many tickets that I won prizes for my whole family. I had so much fun playing those games, I just didn’t want to stop playing. After that we went on stage with Ms. Jane Massey and Mr. Woudstra to thank the crowd, and I got to give Mr. Woudstra a superhero toy because HE is a superhero for babies. After all of that fun was done the whole group headed over and got to each so much yummy food from trucks.

I am so excited about all of the babies that Farmers Insurance will help by raising money. I had so much fun again in Los Angeles, I want to say thank you to all of Farmers Insurance from my whole family and from the March of Dimes family for being heroes for babies. I hope that you enjoy the great pictures that the photographer Mr. Rick Horn took.

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