Signature Chefs Auction – Chapel Hill, NC

Greetings from Tar Heel Country!

On Sunday, November 13th, my family and I went to Chapel Hill, NC for their annual Signature Chefs Auction held at the beautiful Carolina Club on Chapel Hill’s campus. The event was really nice and the food was delicious. The best thing about this event was that people got to buy these really cool flashing rings for a contest to win a Diamond necklace. I didn’t buy a ring (well I didn’t have $20 for one), but a nice lady gave me and my sister one after the contest was over. There was a lady there that bought a ring to go on all ten of her fingers and guess what – she was the one that won the necklace – smart lady!

Our video was shown and then me and my parents went on stage to speak afterwards. My mom cried after watching the video, as usual, and she and my dad thanked everyone for coming and supporting the March of Dimes. After my parents spoke, I got to say my speech and everyone gave me a standing ovation. My mom did such a great job speaking, that the Emcee told her she should run for public office – NICE! The Live Auction was really fun to watch and there were great prizes that people were trying to win. After the Live Auction, they did Fund The Mission and people were extremely generous to the March of Dimes Mission – SUPERB! The event was very successful and it raised over $103,000…WOW! It was so nice to be a part of such a wonderful event in my home state. After the event was over, and my mom and dad talked to like a million people, we headed back home to Charlotte. I had such a great time – Thank You Chapel Hill for showing us the LOVE!

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