Signature Chefs Auction – Washington, D.C.

Greetings Again from “The District”!

This was my sixth visit to Washington, D.C. as the National Ambassador and, I must say, I just LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! On Wednesday, November 16th, I flew to D.C. with my mom to attend the Signature Chefs Auction held at the Washington D.C. Ritz Carlton. Before the event, we attend a VIP Reception at the beautiful Guarisco Art gallery. During the reception, I walked around and viewed the most lovely oil paitings with my mom. I don’t really know a lot about art, but my mom does. She told me that the artwork was very expensive and we even saw a piece that costs $625,000 – WOW! I met and talked to lot of people at the reception, and they were all so nice to me and my mom.

After the reception, we went down to the Ballroom where they had all of the food. The food smelled and tasted so good that I went back a few times – and so did my mom! All of the best Chefs from around Washington D.C. came together to let the attendees taste their food and everyone seemed pretty excited about it. I also saw Chef Rock again, he knows my dad, and my mom got to meet him for the first time. My mom’s favorite item were the pan-seared scallops – she got like 10 of them, seriously, and I liked the brownies. After everyone ate the delicious food, they had the Live Auction. It is always fun to watch the auctioneer during the bidding because they talk so fast. There were some really great items and experiences available to bid on, and the March of Dimes made a lot of money from people’s generosity. People were bidding like crazy and competing to win those great prizes, which really made this Live Auction the BEST one I’ve seen – Hands Down! One of the most popular things that made a lot of money was a dinner for 12 people to be cooked by Chef Walter Scheib. Chef Scheib was the Executive Chef for President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush, so that means he can really cook. After the event, Chef Walter Scheib came up to my mom and spoke with her and gave her one of his business cards. He told her that he truly loves supporting the March of Dimes and looks forward to this event every year – how very nice of him!

During a break in the Live Auction, our video was shown and afterwards my mom and I went up on stage to speak to the crowd. Before we even spoke, everyone stood up and clapped and cheered for us, which meant a lot to my mom. My mom really, really, really likes D.C. and told the crowd that they were going to make her consider relocating there – which made everyone cheer even more. My mom also told everyone that attended that they felt more like family then guests and everyone appreciated her saying that so much. During Fund the Mission, everyone was really generous and gave the March of Dimes lots of money to help sick and premature babies. I don’t know how much money the event raised in total, but I am most sure it was a lot. After the event, tons of people came up to my mom and spoke to her about their experiences, told us how great we were on stage and one lady even told my mom she should run for public office. That is the second time someone told my mom that in less than a month – Nikki Fleming for President in 2016!

By far, the most fabulous part of the night for my mom were those delicious red velvet cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes. She ate four at our table and then took nine home with us. She even found out that they deliver so there is no escape for her. She is going to have to do some serious working out to burn off all those cupcake calories!!!

There are no words to describe the love I have for Washington D.C. and the times we’ve had together – The AMCHP Conference/Mini March for Babies Walk in the beautiful Woodley Neighborhood, The White House Easter Egg Roll, The U.S. Congressional Gourmet Gala, The MLK Monument Dedication, The National Volunteer Leadership Conference, The Signature Chefs Auction – and, hopefully soon, our visit to The White House! Our beautiful Nation’s Capital – Thank You for yet another most fabulous, memorable time! Much, Much, Much Love!

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