White House Visit with President Obama

Greetings once again from The District!!!!

This was my seventh visit to Washington D.C. and, as usual, it was FABULOUS! Of all of my visits to D.C., this one was, by far, the ABSOLUTE BEST because on February 7th we went to The White House to meet President Obama in The Oval Office. All March of Dimes National Ambassadors have met the President of the United States dating back to FDR, who founded the March of Dimes, and now I am among that very elite group.

President Obama was so nice to us and he welcomed us into The Oval Office like we were family. My little sister Erin and little brother Corbin also got to go into The Oval Office and while we were in there, Corbin went behind President Obama’s desk and picked up his telephone. It was so funny to everyone and the President didn’t mind at all – how cool was that?

During our visit, President Obama talked with us and thanked us for all of the great things we have done with the March of Dimes. Not only was he very nice and so easy to talk to, he even had gifts for us which was very special. One of the gifts was a pocket sized version of the Constitution, which he autographed to me personally and signed Dream Big Dreams, and another was a special Presidential coin that only certain people can get from him. There were several other gifts that we received, but those two were the most meaningful to me. My mom took the gifts for safe keeping so that my sister and I wouldn’t lose or break them – very smart on her part. We also took lots of pictures with him and he signed my National Ambassador card as well.

This will be a day that I will remember for the rest of my life and I am sure that my mom and dad will too. Perhaps the most important part of the visit for my parents was being able to personally thank President Obama for being such an awesome President, especially since they voted for him in 2008 and will vote for him again this year. I don’t think my sister and brother will remember what happened on February 7th, but one day they will appreciate that they got to meet the President in his very special office. Thank you so much March of Dimes, White House staff and President Obama for making this one of the most memorable days of my life – I am such a blessed little girl!

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